by Engr. Krestin Mae B. Garbosa, ECE

“Make your life easy with python”, the first and last message I heard from our instructor. Might be a lame phrase just to catch a reader’s eye, but for the 20 people who have undergone this course, its a whole lot more than a clicker’s bait.

Let me start by thanking all of those who was behind the successful Batch 1 of Python class. First is the IECEP’s very own human module and we call him “import Sir Mark”, for sharing his knowledge and for backing us up in every idle moments, well “mostly every time”. To IECEP Technical training team and of course, the great IECEP UAE, thank you for making this class possible.

It was an undecided path, many lingered but raise their hand in the end. It was not an easy start though but despite this, the team behind this journey took the risk.

October 26, 2018, first Friday of the class and we were bound to have four Friday meetings. It means one month. So for a month, the word “rest” is stranger for me since I only have 1 day-off per week. Well, thinking about no rest didn’t wavered me, it’s the opportunity that counts. First class was held in Abu Dhabi and since I’m from Sharjah, we took a car pool along with my co trainees. It was arranged of course by the brilliant training team. We have to admit, we were served and that’s what probably IECEP loving and tender care means.

Class started, everyone is attentive, trying to grasp everything that’s being taught. I’m not a newbie at programming but i didn’t know Python before. So does pushed me in giving this language a shot. We tackled only 30% of the syllabus but already gave me into realization that Python is a real deal. If you would have taken an hour to program a basic budget calculator in C++ then you can do in just 20 minutes in this one. Best part is its open community, so if you have a tough time and needs a helping hand, you just need an internet connection and searching skills. The class ended with a take home work for us to test if we learned something.

Another Friday came so fast, again its cheat day. Its cheat day cause I’m supposed to be dieting but IECEP training team seems to have its own food house that cant get enough of bringing. Going back to the course, first up is to know who did the assignment. Well all of us had, but I was given the chance to present my codes. It was so nice thinking that everyone supports anyone. Indeed, I feel so honored to be part of this amazing batch. Topics that week got more harder yet challenging. We went to a deeper understanding of the language itself. No more printing of “Hello world” or just giving input/output routine. In short, done with the basics, here comes level 2 plus level 3.

And its the 3rd week, November 9, 2018. Were on the expert level. Not ourselves, but the topics. All the discussions we had in the 1st and 2nd week was carried over to that week including “api”. We’ve done live coding, led by Sir mark and done by Sir mark only.  That’s why we call him a module cause he seems like the keeper of Python codes. Later that day, we decided to group ourselves for our Hackaton resulting to 2 groups. Group 1 is Dubai team and Group 2 is the Abu Dhabi team. We’ve chose that manner since its hard to collaborate in long distances.

As what I told, I’m from Sharjah so that made me belong to Group 1. I just feel so good and proud with my group mates, cause even though we are all newbies in this language and not that good at programming, everyone of us have that will and initiative to communicate, suggest, cooperate and offer a helping hand.

Ready for our hackaton that day, November 16, 2018, we presented our projects. The first to present was Group 2, the Abu Dhabi team. And that ends the battle between Hackatons, the award goes to Abu Dhabi team! Their concept was amazing. The title of their project is, Wireless Communication with Temperature sensor & real time monitoring. Basically its a thermometer communicating to your computer wirelessly and projecting real time temperature in the screen. Well they value quality than quantity it seems, cause supposed to be we should have 2 projects but they only had one. For us, Group 1 Dubai team, got 3 projects namely the Traffic lights simulation using LED’s, Text to speech with GUI and Talking calculator. Well, talking calculator was done on spot. It was just a concept came over and came to life. As the project titles speaks themselves, yes it is. They just operate as to what their supposed to. Even though ours is not that extravagant as Group 1 did, were proud that It was made through hard work and perseverance of the whole group and that’s what makes it worth and perfect.

And that’s how our training course ended. It might not be a perfect class, but it ignited the creativeness within us and awakened our innovative side. Now, time for us to step out from the shadows and indulge our daily lives with the knowledge acclaimed. It is unexpected, but I just learned that Python is not only a tool for programming, it also gives confidence to your ideas and dreams. Embarrassed to say that the first intention was just to get the 32 CPD points, it turned out to be a platform of my career development. 

Now, I’ll just leave a question to you, “Will you join us?”