Engr. Jonalyn So started her career at the UAE in the year 2006 right after her graduation in 2005. She landed her first job at Alpha Data LLC as a Network service coordinator trainee. Equipped with dedication and courage, she was able to overcome all the odds of getting an opportunity in a foreign country. “It was very scary at first knowing that I will deal with other nationalities, personalities and behavior but if you have goals, dreams and determination and God is with you all things are possible” as Engr. So said.

Since the use of computer back then was just introduced, Engr So considered herself as a computer illiterate. However, this did not stop her to learn and grow. With the unfailing determination and perseverance, she was then transferred to sales and purchase department as a coordinator. This indeed was the start of her supply chain career.

Her present and 2nd company at the same time started in 2010 at Airbus Defense and Space Oy, as logistics and supply chain coordinator. Airbus is an international company in aerospace industry which deals with the design, manufacturing and delivering aerospace products, services and solutions. Currently, the UAE based company is working with all government and public institutions/organizations that has TETRA and TETRAPOL networks in Middle east Region.

Seemingly undeniable potential manifest through Engr So’s performance, she was promoted to a managerial position in less than a year after her employment. From that point on until the present, she is servicing as a Delivery Manager handling the whole Middle East Region. Being compassionate and dedicated is few of her attributes that may be considered relevant to her success. “My main contribution to my company is my dedication to my work. I might be working in administrative part but I always make sure I know every details of the project.” as what Engr So mentioned. And with that same reason, she received an Excellent Award as finalist in the category of Customer Value & satisfaction for KSA MOI TETRA in 2015.

She also went through a series of seminars and courses that are required in her job. Those are EADS/CASSIDIAN(former AIRBUS) Supply Chain & Logistics Training at EADS/CASSIDIAN Main office Helsinki, Finland and Elancurt, France (Feb 28 – May 4, 2011), EADS Tetra System Courses for End Users at EADS/CASSIDIAN Competence Center, Qatar MOI, Qatar (May 10-12, 2011) and AIRBUS TETRA Course for Sales Manager at AIRBUS Abu Dhabi Branch, Abu Dhabi UAE (March 13-15, 2016).

Engr. So was also one of the founding members of IECEP – UAE(formerly Filipino Electronics and Communications Engineers Association – FECEA UAE) at 2008.

Lastly, to her fellow IECEP UAE Members and to the readers of this article, she especially left us with an advise. “In everything there is a time and season. Have faith. Work hard at the same time pray and trust God”.