The Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines (IECEP, formerly the Institute of Electronics and Communication Engineers of the Philippines) is a Professional Regulation Commission recognized organization of Professional Electronics Engineers (PECE), Electronics Engineers (ECE) and Electronics Technicians (ECT) in the Philippines. It is a non-stock and non-profit organization with 50,000 members inside and outside of the country.

The INSTITUTE OF ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS OF THE PHILIPPINES, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, IECEP UAE Chapter, under the umbrella organizations of Abu Dhabi Bayanihan Council and Philippine Embassy, is a duly accredited IECEP foreign based chapter affiliated with the Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines.

The institute is founded by professional engineers that share the same vision and mission of the institute that it represents. It is committed to be of service to the Professional Electronics Engineers, Electronics Engineers, Associates and members.

Brief History

IECEP – UAE was originally the Filipino Electronics and Communications Engineers Association (FECEA – UAE) founded by Engr. Jethroefel Ramboyong in July 2008. In August of the same year, it was recognized by the Philippine Embassy in UAE as one of its duly registered Filipino Organizations. Finally, on September 2008 – it was affiliated as a Foreign Chapter of IECEP, Inc. bearing the name Institute of Electronics Engineers – United Arab Emirates Chapter (IECEP UAE).

During the past years, the Association has created several events and programs which provide them prestige and honour. It all began with their active participation in the different Filipino Community (FilCom) activities i.e. partaking in the establishment of the Filipino Professional Group and Special Professional Licensure Board Examination (SPLBE), assisting in the 2010 Overseas Absentee Voting for National Election, Fundraising campaign for Bantay Bata and for Typhoons Ondoy and Peping, Outreach program for Destitute OFWs who are all under the care of OWWA – UAE, participation in some Gawad Kalinga projects, rendering mass sponsorship and supporting some other activities of the Filipino expatriates Foundation (FilEx). Additionally, as part of its mission, the Association has undertaken different projects relating to competency, proficiency, leadership and communication by conducting seminars, trainings and workshops to its members. All these activities provided better understanding, bond and comradeship to all its members. These earned them an award from IECEP National being “The 2009 Most Outstanding Chapter of the Year” & “ 2011 & 2012 Most Outstanding Foreign Chapter of the Year”.

IECEP – UAE Chapter created a greater impact to the personal and mostly, to the professional lives of its members. The Association was able to strengthen their beliefs and enhance their enthusiasm in developing further their skills and know-how. With the escalating economic distress, the support and steadfast commitment of the Association to alleviate the career of its members is already a factor to move them. In a world where there are cultural, spiritual and intellectual differences – the presence of a “family” in IECEP – UAE Chapter is very significant.

To date, a total number of 200+ members remain active. However, it is not the number that unites them; it’s their Character, Commitment, Capability and Faith in God.

Indeed, to belong to IECEP – UAE is a privilege!


Dear Fellow Officers and Members,


It is with great pride and happiness that all our efforts in creating, organizing and putting everything into its proper place have finally been rewarded. To reap the reward is an achievement which I would like to share to you.

Allow me to inform you all that IECEP Inc., National Office has formally recognized IECEP-FECEA UAE as a Foreign Chapter on September 25, 2008. Consequently, we will now use the name IECEP United Arab Emirates Chapter as the Official Name of the organization, bearing the same logo, as indicated in the Certificate awarded to us. Aside from that, all our members will be given their respective membership Identification Cards. These membership cards will now remind us of our commitment to the organization and will also serve as our motivating tool in doing the task as expected of us.

Therefore, as I’m always saying – let us be one in all our deeds and actions for the accomplishment of our goals, our mission and vision. Let us start making a history in order to be the model Filipino organization outside of our country.

Thank you very much and may God bless us all.

Engr. Jethroefel Esposo Ramboyong
Governor, IECEP-UAE Chapter