By Engr. Leonardo Mendoza, PECE

Being an Electronics Engineer doesn’t end up with having an ECE license, one can upgrade to Professional Electronics Engineer (PECE). The Practice of Professional Electronics Engineering embraces/consists of the Practice of Electronics Engineering plus the sole authority to provide consulting services and to sign and seal electronics plans, drawings, permit applications, specifications, reports and other technical documents prepared by the Professional Electronics Engineer and/or under his direct supervision.

The IECEP–UAE Chapter organized the first batch of qualified group of ECEs to apply and register for Professional Electronics Engineer. IECEP–UAE Batch 1 of PECE aspirants worked in unity and conducted regular meeting and group discussion for application format uniformity and completeness of documentation submittals. After a number of weeks of arduous preparations of the applicants, the Board of Electronics Engineering (BECE) scheduled the applicants for an oral interview for the purpose of verifying, authenticating and assessing the submittals and establishing the competency of the applicant according to rules, regulations and competency standards formulated by the Board.

pece1Preparation of documents for the Application and Registration for Professional Electronics Engineers

Just a recap on how to qualify for registration as Professional Electronics Engineers, the applicant should have: (a) Valid Certificate of Registration and Professional Identification Card as Electronics Engineer; (b) Valid/current membership identification card from the Accredited Professional Organization; (c) At least 7 years of experience, with at least 2 years of which are in responsible charge of significant engineering work; (d) Three certifications signed by 3 Professional Electronics Engineers attesting veracity of experience record.

peceIECEP – UAE PECE Aspirants with the Board of Electronics Engineering

In Middle East, there are about 35 qualified PECE aspirants from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and UAE who were interviewed by the PRC Board of Electronics Engineering (BECE) at The Embassy of the Philippines in Bahrain on the 27th to 29th of September 2016, days before the 3rd IECEP International Convention, which was also held in Bahrain.

pece2PECE Aspirants posed with Engr. Detalla, BECE Chairman, together with the organizers at the Philippine Embassy, Manama, Bahrain
img_4436Photo op  with Ms. Bangs Garcia at the  Philippine Embassy, Manama, Bahrain

On the day of the interview, it’s just but normal to feel that pre – interview anxiety. The interview lasted at an average of 45 minutes for every applicant – others took only 20 minutes while some reached an hour. Different feedback were heard from the interviewees, though some felt relaxed during the interview, most of them felt being in a hot seat and can’t get rid out of that sweaty palms, shaky voice, and that kind of feeling of your heart is racing and your stomach is turning, and all.  After the interview, the aspirants seem relieved and felt like big weight was off their shoulders. Some are optimistic; some are pessimistic while others are totally puzzled for the result of the interview. With fingers crossed, still everyone is hoping to have that coveted PECE license soon. Think positive!

pece3After a tough interview, wacky poses from our IECEP UAE PECE Aspirants

The long wait is over. On October 20, 2016, the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) announces that 72 passed the technical evaluation for the upgrading as Professional Electronics Engineer given by the Board of Electronics Engineering in Manila and Bahrain this October 2016.

img_4448IECEP – UAE PECE Aspirants with the Board of Electronics Engineering

Eight out of eight applicants from the UAE and a former member of IECEP UAE got the nod of the ECE Board and bagged the PECE license resulting to a 100 percent passing rate. Successful Examinees from UAE who passed the Technical Evaluation for the Upgrading as PROFESSIONAL ELECTRONICS ENGINEER are:

  1. Victor Glenn Antolin, PECE
  2. Evangel Arcega, PECE
  3. Froebel Caluna, PECE
  4. Ronald Esguerra, PECE
  5. Perry Kwan, PECE
  6. Louie Mel Maliksi, PECE
  7. Dionimar Mejia, PECE
  8. Leonardo Mendoza, PECE
  9. Lloyd Allen Ondona, PECE

Congratulations to our new PECEs! Looking forward that other qualified ECEs will be encouraged to upgrade to PECE, too. Just believe in yourself, work hard and try to be your best to achieve greater dreams.