The Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines, United Arab Emirates (IECEP-UAE) Chapter victoriously conducted its First Technical Seminar and Induction of officers and Board of Directors for 2016. About 75 participants that constitute of PECE, ECE, ECT, Associates members and non-members attended the event last Friday, February 26 2016 which was held at Fraiser Suites, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The program aims to achieve the organization’s mission and vision that is to be the showcase of professional and technical development and the paradigm of excellence in applying the principles of electronics technology for the advancement of humanity and to be a world class organization of humane, competent, virtuous and globally competitive electronics professionals. The program mainly encompasses of two (2) technical seminars tackled by the resource speakers, Engr. Carlo Amigable, PECE about Republic Act 9292 – The Electronics Engineering Law of 2004 and Engr. Randy Domingo regarding Routing and Switching Concepts. Through this event, the members of its organization were able to strengthen their knowledge and understanding of the topics which will be of great help in their growth and development.

Moreover, the Induction and Oath taking Ceremony of the 2016 Officers and Board of Directors led by Deputy Consul General Giovanni Palec takes place which was followed by the turning over Ceremony from the past governor and chairman of the board, Engr. Lloyd Allen Ondona, to the newly inducted governor and chairman of the board, Engr. Ronald Esguerra. Furthermore, Engr. Ondona presented the activities and event accomplished by the organization throughout his reign as governor of the chapter. His team’s accomplishment imposed a great challenge and inspiration to the newly inducted set of leaders to continue and even go beyond.

Another highlight of the event was the inspirational message from Engr. Virgilio Javier, IECEP adviser and 2011 most outstanding ECE in the field of IT. He was able to share his experiences and thoughts in his field of expertise and as an OFW. “Be confident to speak your brains” these were his words of encouragement that uplifts the faith and confidence of his fellow engineers to be motivated and to be determined in excelling to their line of work. Also, the seminar includes mini games that were participated by everyone and raffle of full course training were awarded as part of continuing growth.

Undeniably, the event was a blast of knowledge and bonding experience that is surely a success to the organization as it continues to attain its goal in being of service throughout the blessed and flourishing years of IECEP-UAE.

To God be the glory!

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