by Romeo D. Alterado, Jr. , ECE

The IECEP – UAE Chapter under the aegis of the Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines in United Arab Emirates conducted its First Technical Seminar of the year & held its Induction of 2019 Officers, Board of Directors and Coordinators on a sunny weather of 22nd of February 2019, at Hotel Novotel Abu Dhabi Al Bustan.

Upon gathering all the respected participants, the program was officially started.  A prayer was led by Engr. Michelle B. Tolero, Director for Publications. It was shortly followed by a Call to Order by Engr. Reenan M. Gotis, Director for Special Programs. Engr. Ma. Elisa S. Maglaque-Arcega, 2019 President & Chairman of the Board warmly welcomed more than seventy delegates composed of guests and solid members

1st Resource Speaker

Engr. Joseph T. Cabatay, IECEP-UAE Adviser and 2011 Past President, as the First Resource Speaker, tackled about “Embedded Sim (E-Sim)”. He initially presented the history of SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) and its primary role. Afterwards, he highlighted SIM card evolution to boot the born of Embedded-SIM and how it works.At the same time,he discussed the disadvantages, challenges and benefits of using E-SIM.

Part of the program is the transition of the administration, the Turn-over Ceremony. Both the 2018 President, Engr. Louie Mel C. Maliksi (left) and 2019 President, Engr. Ma. Elisa S. Maglaque-Arcega (right) graced the short but significant part of the program.

Engr. Ma. Elisa S. Maglaque-Arcega, newly Inducted 2019 President & Chairman of the Board delivered a very meaningful Acceptance Speech for the responsibilities passed on to her and the team. “I am deeply honored and thankful to each and every one of you who supported, guided, trusted and bestowed their faith in me. I am truly grateful for this opportunity to represent IECEP-UAE as your next president. I am humbled, not just because of the title that I am being honored with today, but more so because of the caliber of the people I am about to represent. To be given the privilege to serve this organization, that is comprised of professionals whose credentials are exemplary that I sometimes question if I am worthy; but nevertheless, you my dear colleagues inspire me, and this is truly what makes this honor so meaningful to me.” says Engr. Arcega as she expressed her gratitude. “As a founding member of this organization, I was able to grasp a sense of commitment to all that IECEP-UAE stands for. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the tremendous efforts of all the past governances in preserving the core values of this organization,” she added. She knew the challenges and opportunities that she will be facing, leading the team on this journey. She reminded everyone about the true essence of a Leader and how she would run the office. “My focus is to lead by example… I am a working leader because for me leadership is all about service – selfless, dedicated and humble service. It may be a cliché but really, we are elected into office not to be served but to serve our members.  Such service doesn’t expect something in return, because genuine leadership is never about personal gratification but about responding to our responsibilities to our colleagues.”Engr. Elisa explains.

Leadership is also about sustaining the passion and commitment towards achieving our common goals. A true leader knows how to uphold the burning passion in leading others. Her passion to serve drives her to realize her visions for her organization and her community as well. With that being said, I will lead IECEP-UAE with the protocols in place and the by-laws as my bible.” Engr. Elisa follows.

In addition, Engr. Elisa reiterated that Leadership is about grooming new leaders. She stated that the greatest achievement for her being a leader is to be able to groom another leader. She want to empower leadership to all the officers and members to be able to sustain the mission and vision of the organization. She also mentioned d about a resolution being passed to entrust her team to initiate plans, projects and programs to uplift their sense of responsibility and accountability.

She ended her speech with a quote “It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things occur. You take the front line when there is danger. Then people will appreciate your leadership.” (from a prominent revolutionary leader, Nelson Mandela)

After the remarkable speech, Engr. Arcega administered the induction proper. The new IECEP-UAE Roster of Officers inducted together with distinguished guests, (from left – on stage) Engr. Leonardo G. Mendoza, Vice President–Internal Affairs, Engr. Jason B. Quizon, Vice President–External Affairs, Engr. Racquel R. Aquino-Bay, Vice President–Education, Mr. Red Cloud Capuyan (guest), Engr. Elmer O. Casao, 2019 Bayanihan Council Chairman, Ms. Judith A. Tenorio, 2019 Philippine Professional Organization Chairman, Engr. Ma. Elisa S. Maglaque-Arcega, President & Chairman of the Board, Dr. May Rose C. Imperial, Resource Speaker, Engr. Louie Mel C. Maliksi, Immedaite Past President, Hon. Von Ryan Pangwi, Third Secretary & Vice Consul – Philippine Embassy in Abu Dhabi, Engr. Winston H. Estrevillo, Auditor, Engr. Bryan May H. Pelayo, Director for Technical Development, Engr. Michelle B. Tolero, Director for Publications and Engr. Reenan M. Gotis, Director for Special Programs. Below the stage were the respected Advisers and Past Presidents. (starting from left) Engr. Jethroefel E. Ramboyong, Founding President (2008-2010), Engr. Joseph T. Cabatay (2011), Engr. Analiza T. Binodo (2017), Engr. Ronald M. Esguerra (2016) and Engr. Carlo C. Amigable (2013).

Oath-taking of Appointed Committee Heads and Coordinators administered by Engr. Elisa: (from left at the back) Engr. Hannah Mae E. Biyo, Engr. Earl Marc G. Vilches, Mr. Jojo R. Domingo, Engr. Mark Anthony Kristopher H. Gullan, Engr. Evangel V. Arcega, Engr. Jeffry Herrick M. Pecson and Engr. Eric Jason V. Holganza; (from left – front) Engr. Arsenio A. Donato, Engr. Leif Marvin T. Valeros, Engr. Romeo D. Alterado, Jr., Engr. Krestin Mae B. Garbosa, Engr. Rannier James C. Coronel, Engr. Kervin D. Taboada and Ms. Theresa J. Ocampo.

After the induction, Ms. Judith A. Tenorio, PPO Chairman, Engr. Elmer O. Casao, Chairman of Bayanihan Council and Atty. Alejandro A. Padaen, Labor Attaché-POLO, conveyed their inspiring messages, which underscored the meaningful role of leaders tied with demanding and challenging responsibilities.

2nd Resource Speaker

Our second resource speaker, an IECEP former President, Dr. May Rose C. Imperial, Ph.D, PECE, ASEAN Engr., ACPE, discussed about “Designing your Startup Life”. She spoke very enlightening talks, not just on how to become good in designing a way of building a career, but on how to start designing the path of life that you want to follow. Sheimparted her deep understanding about a core skill needed in any system design, which is Design Thinking. She discussed how it can help in solving someone’s own life design problem. She brought everyone into an interactive workshop that allowed them to assess their work and life balance. More importantly, this activity aligned the mindsets of the participants’ priorities, seeing some essential things in life which often neglected.

Unexpectedly, one of the highlights of the said event was the awarding of Certificate to Engr. Reenan M. Gotis, for his active participation in the Lighting of symbolic Christmas Parol in Philippine Embassy – Abu Dhabi.

After a series of wonderful and life-changing messages, the program turned the table focusing on Membership and License Upgrade (PECE & PTC) Updates, expounded by Engr. Leonardo G. Mendoza and Engr. Racquel R. Aquino-Bay, respectively.

As the stage was once again with Engr. Louie Mel C. Maliksi, he presented in detail, the milestones and accomplishments of IECEP-UAE 2018, reminding everyone how it became the BEST FOREIGN CHAPTER again.

Engr. Jason B. Quizon concluded the event with his closing remarks. The whole program were hosted by fantastic Masters of Ceremonies, Engr. Ignacio B. Araneta and Engr. Hannah Mae E. Biyo. Finally, the gathering was ended with a video-opt shouting “IECEP UAE 2019!!!”

Indeed, the affair was a success for all the leaders and members who witnessed a historic happening in the IECEP-UAE organization. Be inspired to start leading through giving pure service and working from behind the scene. Congratulations newly elected cream of the crop!

Long live to IECEP-UAE!!!!